Complete Guide on Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine Home


Acupuncture in US -
News, articles, links, online discussion forums. Huntington Beach, California.

AHealthyMe: Traditional Chinese Medicine -
Describes TCM, how it works, and how to find a practitioner.

All That Korean Medicine (ATKM) -
Korean Medicine newsletter and essays. Maintained by the English club at Kyunghee University Korean Medical School. -
Exploring acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, transpersonal psychology, shamanisn, taoism, feng shui, Buddhism. Maintained by Michael Finn, Brisbane, Australia.

ChiMed -
History of Chinese medicine site hosted by Albion College, Michigan. Lists scholars, libraries, online resources, bibliographies.

Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture in Canada -
FAQs, articles, forum, chat room, list of practitioners in Canada.

Chinese Medicine and Assisted Reproductive Technology for the Modern Couple -
Article by Roger C. Hirsh.

Chinese Medicine Articles -
Articles and links about Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Multilingual site maintained by Shmuel Halevi, practitioner in Western Galilee, Israel.

The Chinese Medicine Sampler -
Public education site about Traditional Chinese Medicine. Maintained by the Lau Clinic.

Doc Misha's Chicken Soup Chinese Medicine -
Tips for choosing a practitioner, FAQs. Maintained by Misha Ruth Cohen. Clinic in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Santa Rosa, Marin County, California.

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