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Ambulance Services in US

Aeromedevac -
Air ambulance service provides critical care emergency services and air medical transport. Based in San Diego, California.

Aeromedical Ltd. -
International Air Ambulance, commercial repatriation. An English air ambulance company.

Air Ambulance America, Inc. -
Worldwide service 24/7. Medicare/Medicaid and insurance approved.

Air Ambulance Card -
A prepaid system for medical air transport when travelling, with service information and membership details.

Ambulance New England -
Provides air transport for emergencies and long distance transports for repatriation. Contact and location information included.

Air Ambulance Professionals -
Provides aeromedical services to the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area.

Ambulance Specialists -
Providing domestic and international emergency evacuation and transport using private, medically equipped fixed wing aircraft.

Ambulance-LifeGuard Alaska -
Providence Alaska Medical Center's Air Ambulance Department. The premier service of the State of Alaska, and the only one Nationally Certified in the State.

Air Care Alliance -
Group provides a master list of all known charitable air transport organizations whose volunteers fly needy patients and disaster relief supplies and perform other missions of service using aircraft.

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