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Accounting Book Keeping Firms in US

H&R Block -
Offers online and in-person tax preparation and tax software, mortgages, brokerage and financial services, consumer tips and tax planning information.

Jackson Hewitt Tax Service -
A full-service, year-round income tax preparation company specializing in fully computerized federal and state tax preparation of individual returns.

The JTMGroup -
Small business services including bookkeeping, business case preparation, accounting advice.

Kevo Management Accounting -
For advice and information on management accounting, Internet page design and Microsoft Word processing.

Liberty Tax Service -
Retail income tax preparation firm, serving the United States and Canada.

Linkaccounting -
Provides discount accounting services to small business.

Multisoft -
Provides automated accounting solutions.

Net-Controller -
Provides outsourced accounting services to small businesses using the Internet to improve data flow and strengthen communication links.

PBS Tax and Bookkeeping Service -
Specializing in the trucking industry, providing tax preparation and software for truckers to prepare their own taxes.

Plan-It Business Systems -
Computers for business partnership. Offers services to other accounting companies.

Realtax -
Expert tax preparation and estate planning that minimizes income tax liability, eliminates future estate taxes, and maximizes returns when buying, owning, and selling investment real estate.

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