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Business Attorneys in Iowa

Bradshaw, Fowler, Proctor & Fairgrave, PC -
 Commercial and defense litigation firm based in Des Moines.

Brown, Winick, Graves, Gross, Baskerville and Schoenebaum, P.L.C. -
General practice firm with offices in Des Moines and Pella, offering services in banking, securities, employee benefits, administrative, environmental, health, business, employment, workers' compensation, taxation, bankruptcy, public utility, real estate, estate planning and probate, and intellectual property. Includes calendar of Iowa political events, newsletter.

Lane & Waterman -
 Davenport law firm, offering legal services for businesses of all sizes.

Law Offices of Brett J. Trout PC -
 Des Moines attorney focusing on intellectual property and information technologies issues.

McDonald, Brown, Fagen & Flanders -
Practicing in the areas of real estate law, income tax law and tax return preparation, estate planning, probate, estate, and trust administration, business and commercial law, and family law.

Moyer & Bergman, PLC -
 Providing service in the areas of employment and labor, litigation and risk management, commercial, business and tax, motor carrier, workers compensation, municipal, commercial litigation, UCC, torts, intellectual property, technology, insurance, real estate, bankruptcy, property, family, discrimination, divorce, leases, insurance, products liability, personal injury, securities, corporate, partnership, mergers, acquisitions, estates, estate planning wills, trusts.

Moyer Bergman, PLC -
 Cedar Rapids law firm, offering legal services to businesses, including workers' compensation defense.

Shuttleworth & Ingersoll, PC -
 Cedar Rapids firm, providing legal advice for a wide range of business transactions and relationships, and representing clients for litigation in federal and state courts, and in alternative dispute resolution forums.

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