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Stained Glass Collectible Online

Antique Glass Studio -
Purveyors of British antique stained glass windows.

Antique Stained Glass Windows -
Three galleries of antique stained glass windows from England.

Drew Pritchard Stained Glass & Architectural Antiques -
 Deals in stained glass and architectural antiques. Located in the UK.

Galerie du Vitrail -
 Offers antique stained glass windows from France, as well as smaller contemporary items.

Into the Rainbow -
Ontario, Canada company purveys vintage and antique stained glass windows from England.

Neil Phillips Stained Glass Ltd -
London shop providing range of antique stained glass windows and smaller architectural and ecclesiastical antiques.

Timeless Classic -
Antique stained glass window dealer located in Montreal, Canada.

Tomkinson's Stained Glass Windows -
Specializing in antique stained glass windows ranging from early Victorian to late Edwardian, French 1900, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, religious church windows and roundels.

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