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Chiropractic Care & Treatment in Massachusetts

Dr. Matthew J. Mallen's East Boston Office -
 Serving East Boston and the surrounding communities for over 18 years. Take a virtual tour of the office.

Dr. Michael A. Miller, D.C, P.C. -
 Specializing in sports, auto and work-related injuries. Dr. Miller is the chiropractic physician to the New England Patriots Football Club. (Norwood, Massachusetts)

Dr. Mitchell Simon, Chiropractor -
 Creates individualized treatment plans for each patient. Beneficial results are achieved using a multidisciplinary approach combining gentle chiropractic adjustments, healthy diet, exercise and yoga. Special interest in fibromyalgia.

Friedman Chiropractic -
 The straight chiropractic philosophy is to remove interference, called subluxation, from the spine to allow the body to function at its best. Health news, links, and practice information. Acton.

Hanover Chiropractic Health Care -
 Massachusetts chiropractors providing help for people with neck and back pain. (Havover)

Kenoza Chiropractice Offices -
 Haverhill's longest-established chiropractic treatment center concentrating on the rehabilitation of automobile, work-related and household injuries. Chiropractic Orthopedist and Certified Chiropractic Industrial Consultants.

Larger Life Chiropractic -
Dr. Stephen F. Loughlin DC, in Southboro, Massachusetts. Site available in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Mahaiwe Chiropractic & Holistic Services -
Utilizing traditional chiropractic techniques, as well as acupressure, nutritional supplements, BioSET, kinesiology, and homeopathy to aid in restoring health. Located in Great Barrington, MA.

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