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Chiropractic Care & Treatment in Oregon

Good News Chiropractic - Dr. Dennis Sullivan -
 Diagnostic and treatments, nutritional therapies and chiropractic adjusting. (Milwaukie, OR)

Kelsall Chiropractic Clinic -
Offers integrated chiropractic care. Can help the spine and the nervous system rebalance themselves. Office in Portland.

McDonough Chiropractic, LLC -
 Dr. Colleen McDonough specializes in rehabilitation and ergonomics using sacro-occipital, activator, diversified, myofascial work, rehabilitation for spine and extremity conditions. Albany.

Michels Spinal Rehab and Associates -
 A multidisciplinary team of specialists providing leading-edge treatment to relieve pain, and show you how to keep it form coming back. (Salem)

Northside Chiropractic Clinic -
Newsletter and information about chiropractic, doctor profiles, and new patient information. Located in Medford.

Oregon Chiropractic Services -
 Dr Bernhard. Treats auto accident, whiplash, and work injuries. Provides chiropractic treatment for the whole family. Tigard.

Oregon Natural Health Clinic - -
 Judith Allan DC. Lake Oswego. Features chiropractic, acupuncture and therapeutic massage.

Pacific Rim Cranial Institute Chiropractic Clinic -
 Provides primary and preventative health care in South Central Oregon. List of services and fee schedule.

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