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Christmas History

Christmas: A Brief History of the Holiday -
 Traces Christian observances back to their fourth century roots. Also explains how St. Nicholas became a part of the observance. From CNN.

The Christmas Archives -
Historian Maria Hubert presents excerpts from her books and collected writings, photographs, and artwork.

Diorama Bethlehem -
 Display illustrates the Christmas story in a 3 dimensional reproduction of the environs of Bethlehem. Located in Einsiedeln, Switzerland.

The History Channel: Real History of Christmas -
A look at some Christmas traditions, how they started, and how they influence present day observances.

The History of a Christmas Box -
 1906 essay that examines the child labor involved in preparing and delivering a gift.

The History of Christmas -
 Traces the celebration back to its origins. From the publishers of World Book Encyclopedia.

The History of Christmas in Massachusetts -
Information on how the Puritains first resisted Christmas, and then were drawn into the holiday as immigrants moved into Massachusetts.

Victorian Christmas Stereoviews -
 Stereoscopic photos published from 1897 to 1903 showing Santa Claus, decorations, and children playing with their toys and having holiday parties.

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