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BBC - Watchdog - Guides To... Christmas Shopping -
Consumer information for those living in the United Kingdom.

Billy's Christmas Cottage -
Crafts, decorating tips, games, graphics, a music shop, links, midi files, recipes, and shopping.

Candy Cane's Christmas Village -
Includes an advent calendar, virtual pets, naughty or nice ratings, recipes, crafts, and stories.

A Canine Christmas -
Suggestions to help your pet get through the season. Ideas for gifts, crafts, safety, and celebrations.

Christine O'Keeffe's Christmas Page -
Christmas traditions, carols, and links. Features a history of Saint Nicholas, a Twelfth Night, and free handmade e-cards.

Christmas 2000 -
Includes applets, midis, graphics, poems, and stories for the holidays.

Christmas at Krys' Place -
Songs, poems, and music featured on Victorian background sets.

Christmas at PhillyBurbs -
The story behind the songs, traditions, movies and television specials of the Christmas season.

Christmas Book -
The text of a book by Francis X. Weiser. Twenty chapters describing the development of the holiday.

The Christmas Cabin -
Features stories, poetry, a mailing list, and personal holiday tips section.

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