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Christmas Traditions

Claddagh Gems -
A list of Irish holiday traditions and decorations.

How Stuff Works: Christmas -
Answers over thirty questions about the traditions behind Christmas trees, cards, shopping, plants, songs, and customs.

Mr. Bingle Fans -
For friends, fans, historians and collectors of this New Orleans cultural icon doll named Mr.Bingle, a southern Christmas tradition for years. With historical vintage photos.

Myths and Lore of Mistletoe -
 About mistletoe, its biology, and traditional lore. From the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation.

Nathaniel and Dillon's Merry Christmas Adventure -
 Shows how Christmas is celebrated in over 20 countries.

The Tradition of Christmas -
 Explains several practices that have become holiday traditions.

A Traditional Christmas -
Includes a history of the holiday and an introduction to many of the customs which surround it, from exchanging gifts to kissing beneath the mistletoe.

Why Christmas -
 Answers holiday questions. Information includes how customs originated, how the season is celebrated around the world, and why it exists.

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