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Dermatologist in US

Dermatology Directory -
A listing for dermatology atlases, organisations, academic departments and journals.

Dermatology Residency Forum -
Offers a message board to gather information and give advice to those medical students applying to this field.

Dermatonet -
Resources, information and a portal for the public and medical professionals.

DermIS -
A comprehensive online dermatology internet service for healthcare professionals and patients. Provides access to large atlases, a whole range of information on rosacea and skin cancer, dermatology lectures and case reports. A cooperation between Heidelberg and Erlangen universities, Germany.

DermLinx -
Medical news and information in dermatology from medical journals, for physicians. Updated daily and available on the web or by email newsletter.

Dermoscopy -
An educational web site on skin surface microscopy.

DermWeb -
Wide ranging source of information and links from the University of British Columbia, Canada. Evidence-Based Dermatology -
Web resources in evidence-based medicine, epidemiology and health services research for dermatologists and skin researchers.

Electronic Textbook of Dermatology -
The Internet Dermatology Society offer information on a large number of common dermatological problems.

Family Practice Notebook - Dermatology -
Dermatological disorders database for general practionners.

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