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Drunk Driving Defense Attorneys in California

John Thornton -
Santa Cruz. Drunk driving emphasis, also traffic violations and general criminal defense.

Joseph H. Low, IV. -
 Newport Beach. Personal injury, military, stock fraud, DUI, elder abuse.

Joshua Dale -
 San Francisco. Personal injury civil cases and general criminal defense, including drunk driving.

K. Randolph Moore -
 San Jose. Practice limited to DUI defense exclusively; information on drunk driving law and defense.

Kapsack & Bair -
 Oakland. Practice limited to DUI defense. Handles cases throughout the Bay Area.

Kevin G. DeNoce -
 Ventura. Defending persons charged with DUI in Ventura County.

Kirk Elliott -
San Jose. Practice emphasizes drunk driving and DMV defense.

Lawrence Taylor -
 Long Beach, Irvine, San Diego, Woodlands Hills, Riverside. Eight-attorney law firm with practice devoted exclusively to DUI defense; site has extensive information on drunk driving law.

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