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Professional Engineering Consultants

Endex Engineering, Inc -
Endex Engineering, Inc. provides structural, civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering consulting services. located in Oregon

Envisioneering, Inc. -
Engineering services in the areas of infrared, electro-optics, high power microwaves, modeling and simulation.

Equipment Engineering Services -
Provides engineering consulting, project management, and product development, from concept through design development to testing and production.

Eutech Engineering Solutions -
Competitive edge thinking and implementation of asset management and operations improvement (AMOI) to deal with critical business issues.

Exponent, Inc. -
An engineering and scientific consulting firm in most fields with a global presents.

Fauske & Associates, Inc. -
Offers a range of consulting services and products to both the chemical and nuclear engineering industries. Experts in the areas of problem-solving involving heat and mass transfer, multi-phase flow, thermodynamics and structural mechanics.

FPM Group -
Consulting engineers, environment and hydrogeologists

Frazer-Nash Consultancy Ltd -
Independent professional engineering services to power, industrial, transport, defence and aerospace markets in the UK and overseas

Fulcrum Consulting -
International consulting engineers practice the controlled application of innovation combined with robust engineering and reliable delivery.

Galil Engineering Industrial Planning -
Provides engineering services in various disciplines of engineering including process, instrumentation, civil, piping, and software (Israel).


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