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Adiposis Dolorosa Causes, Symptoms and its Treatment & Prevention.

Emerging Worlds, Dercum's Disease page -
The site explores the possibility that chronic diseases are caused by stealth viruses, and that Dercum's Disease fits in that category. This page describes Dercum's Disease, and most of the description is taken from the Swedish site.

English information about Dercums disease -
 This information is courtesy of the Swedish Dercum's Group, explaining some of the frustrations of having this disease.

Familial Multiple Lipomas -
 This is a doctor's page where he discusses some diseases associated with lipomas. He is a cancer doctor and does not consider Dercum's disease fatal. His description appears not to based on first hand experience.

Hundreds of Lipomas -
 Patient medical question and doctor answer from The Neurology and Neurosurgery Forum at Med Help. This question is about hundreds of lipomas.

ILDS: ICD-10 - by Code [E88.210 - G71.110] -
This site contains a list of Dermatology disease codes that include Dercum's. Adiposis dolorosa is at the top of list: E88.210 (use to be E88200).

Italian Dercum Disease page -
 An Italian page discussing Dercum's Disease. This site is in Italian and English - this is the English reference.

Lipoma -
This site references some articles dealing with Dercum's Disease, and provides synopses of them.

Lipoma Excision- March 1, 2002 - American Family Physician -
An article describing the excision of a lipoma. Dercum's in mentioned within the article.

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