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Fatty Oxidation Disorders Causes, Symptoms and its Treatment & Prevention.

Adam's LCHAD Page -
Online journal detailing the life of a boy with LCHAD which is a Fatty Acid Oxidation Disorder. Includes general information details about research studies.

The CaF Directory -
A description of fatty acid oxidation disorders and further resources.

Fatty Oxidation Disorders -
 Informational site provides details on newborn screening, on numerous diseases, medical information and support resources such as a newsletter and email List.

Health Care Professionals' Guide to Newborn Screening -
 General information on fatty acid oxidation. -
Support site for families affected by Long-Chain 3 Hydroxyacyl CoA Dehydrogense (LCHAD). Includes profiles of people with LCHAD and general information about the disorder.

THCME Medical Biochemistry Page: Fatty Acid Oxidation -
 An introduction, mobilization of fat stores, oxidation reactions, alternative oxidation pathways, regulation of fatty acid metabolism, clinical aspects of fatty acid metabolism, ketogenesis, regulation of ketogenesis, and clinical significance of ketogenesis.

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