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Genital Herpes Causes, Symptoms and its Treatment & Prevention.

Genital Herpes -
Extensive material relevant to diagnosis and treatment, as well as prevention, from

Genital Herpes Center | Personal Health Zone -
 Genital Herpes resources, information, and treatments.

Herpes Resource Center -
 Information and emotional support. A service of the American Social Health Association (ASHA)

Herpes Resource Center -
 Offers support and education through free Teleclasses, led by a Registered Professional Counselor who specializes in herpes.

Herpes.Org -
 Provides information, advice, and support for people with herpes (HSV, HSV1, HSV2) and other sexually transmitted diseases (STD). Features the Herpes Webring, Ask the Doctor, Ask the Counsellor, Top Ten Questions, Herpes Chat, Herpes, and mailing lists. -
Photographs, symptoms, natural and home remedies. -
Contains information about ways to prevent and treat genital herpes.

International Herpes Alliance -
Global association of patient support organizations and health professionals concerned about genital herpes - information: regional support groups, educational materials, issues and events.

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