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Medical Science Journals -
Cardiff University student's publishing of medically-based articles. Includes a link to the university.

Mexican Intstitute of Clinical Research -
Clinical research site in Mexico / Latin America, listing Principle Investigators and coordinators.

New York University General Clinical Research Center -
Providing a physical and intellectual focus for translating laboratory discoveries into clinical trials in patients.

Nigerian Institute of Medical Research -
The National Institute for Medical Research in Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria conducts research into human health problems within the country.

Okanagan Clinical Trials -
Conducting phase II - IV clinical trials for the pharmaceutical industry with 10 years experience in psychiatric populations, now with new facilities for trials in infectious diseases, diabetes, premenstrual dysphoria, hypertension, and functional bowel disorders of both children and adults-Kelowna, BC.

Palm Beach Research Center -
Dedicated clinical research site that offers a variety of clinical research studies to the residents of Palm Beach County.

Pioneer Pharmaceutical Research -
Conducting clinical psychopharmacology research studies and clinical trials for central nervous system drug testing, specializing in bipolar disorders and schizophrenia-in southeastern Michigan.

Research at Mayo Clinic -
Information on research at the Mayo Clinic for graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, scientists, and others interested in medical research and education.

UW Harborview Research and Training Building -
Laboratories for University of Washington School of Medicine, including Departments of Medicine, Pulmonary, Surgery, Lab Medicine, and Cardiology.

Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research -
Melbourne, Australia. Offers news and information, annual reports, donations and bequests, events and conferences, seminars and a search feature.

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