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Madelung's Disease Causes, Symptoms and its Treatment & Prevention.

Lipomatosi di Launois-Bensaude (MSL) -
 A site, in both Italian and English, providing a historical perspective of Madelung's Disease.

Madelung's Disease: Benign Symmetric Lipomatosis -
 Madelung's disease or Benign Symmetric Lipomatosis is a "sight diagnosis." Only a doctor knowledgeable about the disease can diagnose it.

multiple symmetric lipomatosis from On-line Medical Dictionary -
A definition of multiple symmetric lipomatosis's+disease

NEJM -- Madelung's Disease: Inherited from an Ancient Mediterranean Population? -
 Images in Clinical Medicine from The New England Journal of Medicine -- Madelung's Disease: Inherited from an Ancient Mediterranean Population? Only the first part of the article is displayed. You will have to purchase the article if you want to see it.

NORD: Madelung's Disease -
The National Organization for Rare Disorders briefly describes this rare disorder (also known as Multiple Symmetrical Lipomatosis, Benign Symmetric Lipomatosis or Lanois-Bensaude Syndrome) and lists further reference information.

OMIM Entry 151800 -
 Describes the form of Multiple Symmetric Lipomatosis (MSL) characterized by a collar of fat around the neck. The article suggests the cause to be a mitochondrial abnormality.

Osteonecrosis in multiple symmetrical lipomatosis - Eurorad - Clinical Case 1405 - Resident -
 Discusses a new aspect to MSL not seen before, that of osteonecrosis, or bone death. Check out for more information.

Pathology Teaching Slide - Soft Tissue Pathology -
The first dozen or so entries are images of Madelung's Disease, taken with various scanning techniques.

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