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Meniere's Disease Causes, Symptoms and its Treatment & Prevention.

Meniere's Disease Support Club -
 Support group at Yahoo for those suffering from this disease, an inner ear disorder, marked by tinnitus,hearing loss, ear fullness and vertigo. Registration required.

The Meniere's Page -
 Washington University School of Medicine has developed this informative site which provides valuable information on the subject of Meniere's Disease.

Ménière's Society (UK) -
Provides information on understanding, treating and living with Ménière's disease. Includes download of Dr. Lucy Yardley's book 'Vertigo and Dizziness'.

Meniere's Survival Guide -
Verified medical information and suggestions for financial assistance for patients.

Meniere's Syndrome -
 An explanation of this syndrome and the symptoms, diagnosing and treatments. -
 Information and support for those who have Meniere's Disease and those who love them. Includes message boards, chat rooms, journal entries, personal stories, and poetry.

My Experience with Meniere's -
 Tells about one patient's experience in which Meniere's symptoms disappeared and hearing returned to normal after taking a statin drug to reduce cholesterol.

My Experience With Meniere's Disease -
 The story of one man's six month struggle with this disease. Information and tips.

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