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Murmurs Causes, Symptoms and its Treatment & Prevention.

Health & Wellness Info -
 Provides an overview of murmurs of the heart, discussing what it is, are they serious, and how they are treated.

Heart Murmurs and Your Child -
 An article addressing the diagnoses of this disorder, as well as congenital heart defects, common heart defects and their treatment.

Heart Murmurs in Children: What Parents Should Know -
What parents should know regarding a normal heart murmur, and what does it mean. Discusses when it is a sign of a problem.

Heart Murmurs Rarely Life Threatening. -
 Dr. Miguel Quiñones speaks out about this disorder and its causes.

Landon Pediatric Foundation -
 Fred Leong M.D looks at common heart sounds and murmurs in infants, innocent murmurs, pathologic murmurs, and diastolic continuous murmurs. Audio as well to hear the heart sounds.

MEDLINEplus Medical Encyclopedia: Heart sounds -
Article about the definition, alternative names, common causes in detail, what to expect from your doctor and test procedures of heart murmurs.

Murmurs of the Heart -
 Discussion by Daniel J. Waters, D.O., FCCP on the causes and diagnosing of this disorder.

The Pediatric Bulletin -
 Details on characteristics of murmurs, supraclavicular systolic murmurs and innocent continuous murmurs.

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