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Great Character Actors Index -
An Index of Great Character Actors, a website with photos, bios and filmographies of over 320 character actors.

InfoStars -
A bilingual site dedicated to celebrities from Quebec, Canada, USA, and Europe which reached the international, worldwide statute.

LatinHeat -
Directory of Latino actors, writers, directors, production and "below the line" personnel, and administrative staff.

The League of Obscure British Actors -
Pictures information and links about British actors not as well known outside the UK as within it.
v Live 'n' Loud - Directors:
Find your next actor, actress, or comedian at LIVE'N'LOUD. Talent & Production: Find jobs and get into our database.

Native American Actors -
American Indian actors, singers and other artists.

Online Talent Directory -
Online directory listing an actor's or actress's official sites. No fan sites are found here.

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