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Company Secretarial Services & Jobs US -
Resources, articles, and information for all levels of virtual assistants and office professionals.

Home Secretarial Services -
Directory of home-based secretaries, who work as independent contractors. Outsourcing or in-office assignments taken. Individual contact information listed by state or country.

Secretaries USA -
Reference for the home and corporate office, including capitalization, punctuation, spelling, grammar, sentence structure, forms of address, abbreviations, letter styles, business forms, and metric conversions.

VA4U: Virtual Assistants For You -
Provides international registers of Virtual Assistant members. Each VA has their own personal web page and directory, with contact information. Search by continent or country.

Virtual Word Publishing -
Resource site for virtual assistants containing a directory of VA's who specialize in all aspects of work. Offers books, links, articles, and other related information.

Work the Web -
A resource site with various information and suggestions for virtual assistants and those seeking virtual assistance.

Yahoo! Groups: Virtual Assistants -
Discussion board for virtual assistants.

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