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Karate Schools & Tai Chi Training in Georgia.

Atlanta Taiji Gongfu Association -
Classes in Chi Kung, Chen style, and Kun Tao Silat de Thouars in the Atlanta, Georgia area. About the styles, articles, classes, events, and pictures.

Atlanta Taiji Pushing Hands Practice Group -
 Weekly pushing-hands meeting; all are welcome. (Atlanta, GA)

Tai Chi Association -
Master Cheng instructs classes in both T'ai Chi and Kung Fu in Atlanta. Tao philosophy is included as part of the training program. Includes members, events and contact details.

Y. K. Physical Consultant -
T'ai Chi, chi kung, hsing i, i chuan, hop chuan, and yik gun ging taught in Atlanta, GA. Health benefits, history of the art, and class schedule.

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