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Karate Schools & Tai Chi Training in Illinois

Championship Martial Arts Academy -
Training in both internal (Tai Chi Chuan or Taijiquan) and external forms (Kungfu) of Wushu. Class schedule, events, history and links. [Chicago, IL]

Chinese Martial Arts Association -
 Chen style and Seven Star Praying Mantis Kungfu taught by Sifu Dwight Edwards, in Peoria, Illinois. Class schedule and pictures.

Stirling's Wu Kung Tai Chi Society -
 Forms, meditations, and applications are taught in Chicago, Illinois. Schedule and class picture.

Tai Chi Center of Chicago -
 Features resources, support and training for Tai Chi Chuan and Taosim by Elizabeth Wenscott and staff. Includes recommended readings, local practitioner directory, class schedules, times and location.

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