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Karate Schools & Tai Chi Training in New Jersey.

Ancient Fighting Arts -
Offers Yang style and Kung Fu Wing chun, Chin Na, Tung Bi, weapons and Chi-Sau, taught by Sifu Yip Pui, Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming and Hsu Fun Yuen in Morris County, New Jersey. Description of internal and external arts, class schedule, seminars and events.

Dragon T'ai Chi Ch'uan Association -
Teaching traditional Yang style, with an emphasis on physical and mental conditioning, in Clark, New Jersey. Class schedule and tuition.

Hua Mountain Kung Fu -
Chen and Yang styles, and Northern Shaolin Longfist taught by Sifu Gregory Pinney in Rutherford, New Jersey. Information about the styles, class schedule and costs.

Tai Chi Combat and Health -
Articles on the Tai Chi Classics and martial applications of Tai Chi. Class pictures, and contact information.

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