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Karate Schools & Tai Chi Training in Texas.

Center for Internal Arts -
 El Paso, Houston, San Antonio, Abilene, Texas, school for the study of Wu, Yang, and Chen styles, Chi Gung and meditation. Class schedules, weekend seminars, and contact information.

Tai Chi and Chi Kung Meditation Center -
 Wu style Taiji, push hands, sword, Daoist internal Neitan qigong for energy, self-defense, and body-mind health. Beginning and advanced classes in Austin, Texas.

TaiChi People -
 Chang style, Chi Kong, Elephant style Kung Fu, and Shuai Chao taught in Austin, Texas. Brief descriptions of the styles and taoism, class schedule, and discussion area.

Tom Gohring's School -
Yang style, Qigong, push hands, Chi Kung, Hung Gar Tiger-Crane Kung-Fu, classes offered in Austin, Texas. Also offers Karate and yoga.

Yang Chengfu Style T'ai Chi Ch'uan Center -
Traditional Yang form, sword, and sabor taught by Horatio Lopez in San Antonio, Texas. Photographs and background information.

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