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Venture Capital Firm US

American Securities Capital Partners -
Provides equity investments in privately and publicly held companies in numerous industries.

Ampal-American Israel Corporation -
Acquires interests in and/or invests in a broad variety of businesses located in the state of Israel or which are Israel-related. (Nasdaq: AMPL)

Ampersand Ventures -
Investment focus: early and expansion-stage companies in communications, information technologies, life sciences and specialty materials and chemicals.

Apax Partners -
Investment focus: start-ups to later-stage buyouts in a broad range of industries, most notably healthcare, information technology, telecommunications, specialty retailing and new media.

Aragon Financial Group -
Investment focus: venture capital, financing and debt restructuring.

Arcturus -
Focus: acts as managing venturer and marketing in corporate joint ventures.

Argonaut Partners -
Focus: acquisition of industrial and business-to-business, value-added distributorships, direct marketing, catalog and telemarketing firms.

Astrina Capital -
Focus: venture consulting and financial advisory for early-stage companies.

August Capital -
Investment focus: companies with strong potential to become leaders in important information technology markets.

Axa Private Equity -
Portfolio management company focusing on all the aspects of capital investment and private equity.

B4 Ventures -
Focus: venture capital or investment capital for small to mid-sized fast growing businesses.

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