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Performing & Visual Arts Center in US.

Legion Arts -
Legion Arts is an independent artists organization, founded in 1991, and based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

MainFrame Gallery -
Native American alabaster sculpture, pottery, and other contemporary Michigan fine art including baskets, collages, constructions, quilts, paintings, and prints.

The Massurrealists of New York City -
Among its features are a main gallery, along with archive exhibits, including related information such as events.

McLean, Va. Art Club -
Organizes workshops, paint-ins, critiques and exhibitions for local artists with an online gallery displaying original artwork by members.

Mendocino Artists and Artisans -
Collective of weavers, painters, sculptors, jewelers, glass artists, potters, photographers, fabric artists, and candle-makers in Mendocino County, California. -
A compendium of South Florida artists.

Midwestern Chronicles Art Gallery -
Exhibits various types of artwork by Midwestern artists in the United States. Designed by Jane Camp and also features her painting and photography.

Multicultural Art -
Specializing in original paintings, fine art prints, sculpture and exhibitions by Puerto Rican, Latino, African American, Native American, and Asian American artists. -
A dynamic site featuring original, and contemporary paintings, photographs, and prints from emerging, and established artists in the New York Art scene.

New York Art World -
A showcase for established artists, as well as emerging artists of the New York art scene, featuring an art magazine, underground art poetry, and an online auction.

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