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Economic Development Corporation in US -
Offers online business skills training for individuals, and small to medium sized businesses.

Boiling Point -
Leverages a company's intellectual and creative capital to quickly solve problems and generate new ideas, whether through on-site workshops, online forums, or an ongoing creativity pipeline process.

Business Literacy Institute -
Financial and business basics training. Partial client list, products and services, and description of the business and its philosophy.

Business Potential -
A resource library of articles and material on all major business competencies. A site for business students, consultants and facilitators alike.

Business Training Media -
Over 1000 management and employee training and motivational videos, CD-ROMs and online training programs. Training topics include diversity, leadership, customer services, sexual harassment, team building, and sales. Previews and free training catalog available.

Business Training Works - Offering onsite seminars on topics including business etiquette and communication, customer service, time management and train the trainer.

Businessballs -
The free online team-building and motivational training resource established and run by the Alan Chapman Consultancy of Leicester, England. -
The perfect conduit to opening entrepreneurial minds to succeed in business.

Calmar International Ltd -
Businesses training and consultancy, conferences management, national training and continuing education directory.

CEFE International -
CEFE is a comprehensive set of training instruments using action-oriented and experiential learning methods to enhance business management and personal competencies of a wide range of target groups.

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