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A-to-Z Home's Cool -
Homeschooling community and portal site: chat, boards, events, articles, kids' sites, links to learning materials, support groups, ideas for educating teens, and laws worldwide. Also includes sample forms and transcripts.

The Breathing Room -
A site for the encouragement and education of Charlotte Mason homeschoolers.

Charlotte Mason Approach -
Articles to help apply the Charlotte Mason approach.

The Classroom -
Educational portal for supplies, information and links.

Cottage School Search Site - allows you to find homeschoolers, cottage and classical schools, teacher and tutors close to your home.

Denim Jumpers -
New homeschooling information, articles, filtered search function, and top ten lists. From a Christian perspective. -
Print-outs, forms, planners, handwriting practice sheets, grading cards, cursive animations, and resource links. -
Provides free articles, resource links, a newsletter, and other features to help make homeschooling easier and more enjoyable.

Eclectic Homeschool Online -
An online homeschool community with extensive resources and support for creative homeschoolers, including state laws and regulations, curriculum reviews, articles, and a bookstore.

Educational Freedom -
A news digest of home education in the media. In addition to the news stories, commentary, humor, and cartoons are included.

Educationsense -
Down-to-earth support, resources, products, services and camps, by home educators for home educators. Includes discussion lists, de-cluttering pages and "The Festival Folk Finder".

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