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Drunk Driving Defense Attorneys in US

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety -
Overview of state drunk driving laws and penalties.

Intoximeter's Drink Wheel -
Calculator to approximate blood-alcohol levels.

Land Transport Safety Authority -
New Zealand statistics and penalties for drink driving.

Lawrence Taylor - Drunk Driving Law Center -
Attorney site providing information for attorneys and the public on California's drunk driving laws, science, and police procedures.

Loring N. Spolter - -
Information concerning laws and law enforcement, from a Florida attorney. -
Guide to drunk driving laws in Spain.

Moore, Gunter & Barrett -
Law firm site providing legal information on driving while intoxicated in Texas.

National Center for Injury Prevention and Control - Impaired Driving Studies. -
Injury fact sheet on alcohol-related motor vehicle accidents.

National College For DUI Defense, Inc. -
Providing legal training and information for drunk driving defense attorneys and accused drunk drivers.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration - Detecting Drunk Drivers -
Description of visual cues to drunk driving, from USDOT's DWI Detection Guide.

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